Evil Eye Talisman of Protection

Here at What Fashion Wants we wanted to take a little look into the various different origins, styles and meanings of Evil Eye talismans.                

Many people believe the evil eye is a curse cast upon on a person by a malevolent glare, usually passed to a person when they are unaware. Some people believe that the evil eye glare will cause the person bad luck or injury. When I first heard of evil eye jewellery, I thought why would somebody want to acquire themselves or buy somebody they care about an evil eye as a gift and potentially cast a curse upon them. After some research online, I later realised that talismans and evil eye jewellery pieces are also called “Evil Eyes” and were created to protect against the glare of the evil eye.


Owl Eyes On You Gold Double Chain Evil Eye Necklace


The beliefs of the curse of the evil eye vary widely in different cultures. Charms and talismans are also known as Nazars, these charms are commonly seen in Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Southern Spain, Italy and Mexico amongst many others and these charms are growing in popularity globally, whether that’s down to the powers they are thought to hold or the growing trend of wearing them as a piece of jewellery or as a fashion statement.


Evil Eye Medallion Necklace


In Turkey and regions where people with blue and green eyes are quite rare, the people that have blue and green eyes are thought to intentionally and sometimes unintentionally deliver the curse to people. This is why in Greece and Turkey evil eye talismans are represented in the form of a blue eye. To people that don’t take the evil eye literally, the term “giving someone the evil eye” is to stare at someone in anger or disgust and wish bad upon them.


Eye of Horus Rosegold Necklace


The evil eye protective charms and talismans are most commonly recognisable in the form of a dark blue circular shape with a white disk, followed by a light blue disk and a black pupil like dot in the center. In the fashion world with the growing popularity of evil eye charms, jewellery designers are amongst those taking a different approach to the original design of the evil eye in the way of shape and eye colour variations. While there's many more options of designs out there we believe once you know what the aesthetics of an evil eye talisman look like even if designers have made small tweaks to the original design many of them are still instantly recognisable to the eye and that’s the beauty of the ever changing styles of evil eye jewellery.

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May 03, 2019 — Danielle H
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