Top 5 Luxury Soy Candles

Top 5 Luxury Soy Candles 

Here at What Fashion Wants we love Luxe Soy Candles and Scented Oils, as there’s very few things better than having a bubble bath with the lights dimmed and candles burning their serenity promoting essential oil scents. We put together a list of our top 5 favourite Luxury Soy Candles and reasons why we love them. One plus point of all these Luxe candles, some of which are scented with essential oils is each and every one of them would make a perfect gift for that special candle loving friend or family member you have. So without further a-due, let’s get started:

3 wick blue ocean candle with thank you note

5. Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion - Blue Ocean Wave 3 Wick Candle

Take a break and drift away with this blue ocean wave scented candle with a blend of coastal breezes, citrus sea spray, island flowers and sun drenched wood. The black jar with a thank you picture on the front makes it the perfect thank you present or you can just buy it for yourself to thank the universe for giving you a moment to get away and relax with this luxurious candle. Burning time approximately 25-45 hours! 

vanilla 3 wick candle

4. Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion - Vanilla 3 Wick Candle 

This candle comes in a really beautiful  neutral colored pot with gold and white detail. The essential oil scent blend is made with nutmeg and star anise with a gorgeous essence of vanilla, which often reminds me of vanilla ice cream will take a long hot bubble bath only without the calories. 


Pumpkin cupcake 3 with candle

3. Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion - Pumpkin Cupcake 3 Wick Candle 

This ones a quirky scent definitely not your classic it has all the essential oil ingredients a delicious cup cake has with the only downfall of this pumpkin spice cupcake being you can’t eat it but with the fragrance oils being whipped butter cream, Madagascar Vanilla and Pumpkin spice you’ll definitely want to. The packaging is very fun with cupcake detail on the front and also comes with a decorated candle lid.


japanese cherry blossom 3 wick candle

2. Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion - Japanese Cherry Blossom 3 Wick Candle 

The Japanese Cherry Blossom 3 Wick Candle by Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion that is beautifully scented with fragrance oils that have graceful undertones of Pear & Sandalwood to compliment the base tone of the Cherry Blossom. We think it would be perfect as a Valentine present with its luxury feel and red floral warm and sensual package design.


lavender hidden candle necklace

1. A Peace of Mind - Lavender Hidden Necklace Soy Candle 4oz 

Here at what Fashion wants we just had to give this candle first place for the sheer face, it comes with a little surprise necklace and who doesn’t love a good surprise not to mention this a peace of mind boutiques candles is made with 100% Lavender Essential Oils & 100% Soy Lavender to us is one of the classics of candle scents that is hard to beat we also that they hand make each one with love and care. The packaging is simplistic and straight to the point which will make it a perfect addition to any home. 

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